About Us

Our Mission: Sprinkle a little Peace and Love wherever you go!

Creative writing (songs, poems, blurbs, etc.) has always been my thing and I'm happy to finally bring it all together and give it life with Happy Hooplala. Our product mix includes Original T-Shirts, Funky Art, Creative Classes for Kids & Adults, Private Parties at your location, and Public Parties at local establishments.

A question I hear often, "How did you come up with the name 'Happy Hooplala'?"  Well, this business transpired during an injury that left me unable to walk or drive for almost 4 months. One thing I know for sure is that, my beaded blue hoop earrings always lifted me up no matter what the day would bring! To this day, no matter how I feel, throwing on my hoops always makes me happy! They remind me of the circle of life...whatever you give, you will receive, and you will continue this cycle all the days of your life.